Nikola Tesla, a visual learner, has been described among other things as an eccentric genius and a mad scientist. He is perhaps best known for alternating current (AC) including commercial uses which were economically feasible. In contrast to direct current (DC), AC could be transferred over long distance and was therefore able to sustain power grids supplying multiple cities or countries. He was the first to show the transfer of wireless energy. The electrical unit, the Tesla, is named after him. His accomplished are of enormous importance in our modern world.

In keeping with PREF's mission of Research, Education, and Charitable purposes, the foundation is primarily involved with uncovering the causes of low vision in patients with macular degeneration, both adults and children. This includes the restoration of sight in such patients using new vision restoring therapies, the education of children with visual problems with regard to creating a medical environment in which they look forward to participating in without fear or anxiety of a medical encounter or treatment. In this regard, the laboratory has identified the genetic cause of numerous macular disorders in families, one of which can be traced back to the year 804 as seen in the family tree. Presently one of our board members, Jay L. Federman, MD, is investigating the potential use of a subretinal implant to help restore vision in patients with severe visual loss.