Make Good Vision Understandable for Children
As part of the educational mission of PREF we have a focus on retinal disease in children and its potential consequences on vision. In this regard, PREF has developed an educational program based on a dinosaur, an ophthalmosaurus, who had the largest eyes in relation to its body ever recorded. In part, the program "The Oppy Club" is directed at teaching the child about healthcare, science, nutrition, and learning. The concept of the Oppy Club is to create a desire in children not to fear their healthcare provider but to foster interaction which alleviates anxiety of the medical environment and make vision related concepts understandable to children. These goals are achieved by using dinosaur characters and other material such as coloring books and

What We Mean for Ophthalmology
In addition to the publication of scholarly research studies in major ophthalmic journals, members of PREF regularly present data and or topics of eye research to various groups including other health care professionals as well as to the general public. For example, Jasmeeta Patel, a former Bower Research Fellow, and now a medical student at the Penn State University College of Medicine, completed an extensive resource guide for low vision. The guide not only provides examples of low vision providers but also links to the web sites of the provider. A copy of this guide is available upon request. [copy of patel and guide will send]



Linus Pauling is considered to be one the 20 greatest scientists of all time, although technically he did not graduate from high school. He is best known for his application of quantum mechanics to chemistry and is considered as the father of molecular biology. Using x-ray diffraction studies he was able to determine the three dimensional structure of hemaglobin and apply this knowledge to demonstrate the molecular changes that were present in sickle cell anemia. Pauling was one of four persons to receive two Noble Prizes (Chemistry and Peace).






Education is an important aspect of PREF and relates to both adults and children. With regards to adults the members of the Board of Directors of PREF have published several hundred manuscripts in refereed journals relating to eye diseases primarily related to inherited eye disease and the medical and surgical management of vitreo-retinal disorders. With regard to children, PREF is actively engaged in developing programs to help educate children to the importance of eye care. This goal is being addressed by Oppy, PREF's mascot and honorary board member, who promotes the importance off promoting positive relationships between children and their eye care providers.

the web to provide information about vision and other related topics. For example, Dr SeeMore Saurus is an expert in childrens vision; Popeye Saurus is a nutrition expert; Eyeditarod Saurus teaches teamwork and Professor EyeStein lectures on scholarly topics such as how to create EyeDeas. In addition, certain articles related to this dinosaur family can be purchased through PREF. Contact PREF to learn more.

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